What is Reiki?

REIKI is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a gentle non-invasive hands on energy therapy to help bring the body back into balance, cleanse the body of toxins and speed up and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself.

The word Reiki comes from Japan and is translated as “Universal Life force”; Rei is translated as the “wisdom and knowledge of all the universe” and ki is the life force energy that flows through every living thing.

The level and quality of life force energy that flows through our body has an impact on our well-being. Stress and negative thoughts can deplete our life force energy or cause blockages to its free flow.

Reiki is a simple natural and safe therapy that can do no harm. By itself it is an effective modality for energy nutrition restoring our vitality and increasing our immune system response. Reiki compliments conventional medicine and all healing therapies.

Reiki can help alleviate suffering whether it is of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. This means that Reiki can heal. Harmony is the foundation of our being, and perfect relaxation enables this harmonious condition to be made manifest.

Reiki is a, non-denominational practice, which does not interfere with anyone’s beliefs. It is a gentle healing method that is available to everyone, regardless of his or her personal beliefs and intellectual capacity. People of all ages from all backgrounds can benefit from Reiki and acquire the ability to channel Reiki’s healing energy themselves.

Einstein and later quantum physicists have explained that at an atomic level everything that exists in the Universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at different rates; that physical matter and energy are just two forms of the same thing. Reiki is a healing energy that vibrates at a higher frequency working in synergy with our life force, restoring our natural ability to heal ourselves.

There are many systems of energy healing, hands on and remote healing. They all use aspects of the universal life force energy that permeates the Universe and the entire reality. This energy is known by many names, Prana, Mana, Chi, KI, Orgone Energy, Bioenergetic Plasma, Divine Breath, Cosmic Pulse, Vital Fire, being only a few of those names. Most cultures seem to have at least one name for it even those that do not officially acknowledge it as real. 

The Science Behind Reiki

The History of Reiki by William Lee Rand founder for the International Center for Reiki Training.