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#170 Sept 2023 Who created the world.

#169 June 2023  The Power of the Stand Still Point

#168 June 2023 The Symphony of Healing

#167 May 2023 An Inner sigh of Relief

#166 April 2023 The Freedom to be who we are

#165 April 2023 Tapping into a portal of infinite possibilities

#165 March 2023 A defining moment that changed the trajectory of my life 

#164 February 2023 Are you ready to be loved

#163 January 2023 Welcome to 2023

#162 Dec 2022 Christmas Special – A Personal Story

#161 Nov 2022 Sometimes we need  help to interpret the language of the Soul.

#160 Oct 2022  Life Never Gets Done

#159 Sept 2022 Every Tom Dick and Harry

#158 Aug 2022  Are you ready to experience life from a higher perspective?

#157 July 2022 Letting go of Worry

#156 June 2022 A Return To Love

#155 May 2022 Explore Engage Experience and Enjoy who you truly are 

#154 April 2022  The Frequency of Love Heals

#153 April 2022  You can harness the Magical Power of the Universe

#152  March 2022  Love in Full Expression

#151 March 2022 Relationships a catalyst for growth and expansion

#150 February 2022 Welcome to February

#149 January 2022  The wisdom to assume the responsibility for your happiness

# 148 December 2021 Wrapping up 2021, Laughter is the best medicine

#147 November 2021 Falling in love and aligning with the wisdom of our heart

#146 October 2021 Two Complimentary Paths, hand in hand in kindness

#145 September 2021  Blessed and Grateful

#144 August 2021  Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

#143 July 2021  How do you deal with pain?

#142 June 2021  Chasing Tornados

#141 May 2021  Can We Unlearn?

# 140 April 2021 Life is really simple

# 139 March 2021  Special Packages for your healing journey

#138 February 2021  Our body is designed to heal itself

# 137 January 2021  A year filled with possibilities

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