Healing Journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio with Christine Wyllie

Dear Christine,

I don’t think that there is enough thank you that one can say; it has been such an amazing adventure. My life has been changed this is the beginning a new journey…

L. H.  October 2018


This is the end of the second day back home and looking back it still feels surreal that a place such as the CASA and a medium such as “John of God” exist on earth during this time. The feelings of peace, lack of fear, acceptance and positive emotions and my continued improved physically health still continues……I will  be going back to the CASA again next year and who knows perhaps every year thereafter!

Christine was the perfect leader; she has so much experience of the CASA and its complex protocols, Christine was always available and patiently answered all my questions,  She was hugely supportive when I was recovering from my spiritual interventions, brought me meals and responded to any other requests / needs I may have had.  In addition, when needing comfort for what I was experiencing she always responded with love and empathy. 

Dave, Christine’s husband who has also been to the CASA on numerous  occasions was also helpful and contributed hugely to the stimulating and interesting conversations we shared during meals and road travel periods and times. 

Yours Sincerely,
Averile Ryder

October 2018


Dear Christine, 

Thank you seems so inadequate for all you have done for me and for the privilege of sharing this very spiritual and special experience with you.  Thank you so much for everything. 

I appreciate your love, concern and totally unselfish way you teach and give you are so special and a fantastic leader and teacher. 

Many Blessings to you special lady, lots of love. 

Amber Blanchard

April 2018


Dear Christine,

As you may know, I have an adventurous soul and Amber and I do annual retreats – girl time and John of God looked like an interesting experience and we booked. 

Although I am physically well, and struggled to identify 3 aspects to be healed by the entities, the focus was more spiritual. The first few days were relaxing and you supported us on every step of the way to amplify the experience. 

One of the highlights was definitely the ‘entity massages’ where I actually felt the energies and they stayed with me for an extended period of time. During these reflections and guidance, I made many life changing decisions about my career and the real important things in my life. 

Being back at home, my approach towards life has changed for the better and although it is not always easy to adhere to the guidelines provided by the tablets, subconsciously I know that great things are happening at a soul level. 

Christine, you are the ultimate caregiver, nurse, waitress, but most of all your real concern for each of the people in the group’s growth and healing. You went all out to ensure we had an unforgettable life transforming experience and I am humbled and grateful for sharing this time with you. 

Be blessed! 

Anna Sophia Moor

April 2018


Dearest Christine,

Thank you for organising and guiding me through the most amazing trip and experience. Thank you for your constant support and love of which you gave always. Sending you lots of love and light.

A.S September 2017


Dear Christine,

Thank you so much for facilitating my journey to John of God, the trip has been a profound blessing for me.

I am happy to report that I haven’t felt a twinge in my back and neck despite the uncomfortable long airplane trip back. WOW!

I am particularly grateful for the endless river of tears triggered by the loving energy present at the Casa. John of God is a vessel of healing but so are you. I was touched by the depth of your caring and nurturing wisdom; my experience was enriched by your guided visualisations which help me to release childhood trauma and let go of that which no longer serves me.

I am still mystified by my weight loss despite consuming larger than usual portions of food during my stay; by the heat that I felt running down my arms while meditating at the triangle and my hands pulsating during the meditations which is still happening back home.

I am still appreciating the healing I received, it has been a deeply insightful experience and I need time to process it all. I must commend you on your impeccable organization and the fun companions that you and David both are.


Marie-Luise Winter


Dearest Christine,

I want to thank you so much for being our caregiver on the wonderful trip to John of God.  I so admire your organizational skills as everything ran so smoothly.  The accommodation was perfect so clean and the food wholesome and delicious.  Your guidance during all the events was commendable and highly appreciated.  Nothing went wrong under your supervision.  I have already recommended you to a few people.

As I said you are an Angel and one only has to follow you example in life to become a better person.  I am sure that I will be healed I don’t know why but the figure of 5 months keeps coming to me.  Already some of my minor ailments are healed.

It was so good having the one man, David, with us – the perfect gentleman!

Thank you again.

With love

Jenny Ames

And a mere two weeks later such exciting news from Jenny – CONGRATULATIONS !!!

“I went to see the orthopaedic surgeon this morning, he took X-Rays of my hips, pelvis and back. He could not find the cancer!!!  Thank you John of God and all of you.”


Dear Christine

Thank you, and David,  for a truly unique experience.

Both you and David were wonderful, – your never ending care and attention to detail, your help and advice throughout our stay made the whole experience, a stress free hugely enjoyable one.

It is hard to say what I expected from this trip, and hard to explain to people who have no knowledge of what it is all about, but for me I found the love and peace in the Casa overwhelming, and I learned lessons on Acceptance and Forgiveness –  lessons that I had gone to hopefully learn!

I came back with a new perspective on life and believe that our life is a journey of learning and loving and this was so apparent at the Casa and the faith of people truly amazed and humbled me!

Thank you both, and I wish you a happy Christmas and may 2017 be the BEST year ever for you.

Love and smiles



“I must admit – I was sceptical before I went on this trip! What is to be expected, can you really spend 2 weeks in one tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, will this experience really be beneficial for me, will I enjoy it, and what about the people that are coming along? Questions, upon questions that plagued my mind.

And, what can I say? If was a truly remarkable experience. The investment of time in oneself is certainly something one does neglect in the hectic time that we live in and with the right guidance – which we had on this trip – it can be so rewarding. The reconnection with oneself and the reflection and projection of life itself was just awesome. If you are looking for a trip that will change your life then you should truly consider a visit to John of God.
As I said – I would not recommend this trip, I would highly recommend it and for some people I know it is simply not negotiable – you must go.
The time flew by and before I knew it we were packing our bags to fly back home. The group was great – and I would imagine that will always be the case as like minded people get together and what certainly helps is the great leadership of Christine.
In conclusion I can only say – wow – what a trip – and the benefits in terms of my health and my spiritual wellbeing will be with me forever. Thanks Christine”
Uli von Ketelhodt      


 ” Dear Christine 

I firstly want to Thank You Sincerely for a magnificent trip to John Of God. As our caregiver you were over and above what I expected. Firstly from the moment I decided to go on this trip your support and organization skills were outstanding, your attention to detail could not be faulted in anyway. Your care and support from a emotional point was also outstanding. I would really highly recommend you to anyone wanting to visit the Casa as my trip was life changing in all areas.
I would never recommend that anyone go to John  of God on there own, as the protocol is very daunting And the language barrier very complicated to understand
I was comforted by the fact that you had spent months at the Casa with John of God  and that you have earned their respect for the discipline you have, and your respect for the incredible work that they carry out there. 
I have come home with a totally new Respect for Life, I have a far greater Compassion and empathy firstly for  myself and then for others,  I have a totally new found Respect for  God and For the Power of Prayer. My Healing was very deep and intense and I am gently watching it unfold every day, the Casa is a place that only individuals can experience once they are there , I have a Reverend RESPECT FOR JOHN OF GOD and all the people who support him in his work. His selfless Compassion, time and immense discipline to serve humanity is beyond any thing I have ever seen or experienced.
It has taken me to a new dimension in my life where service to myself and to others is concerned. My experience is still unfolding and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested to visit the Casa,  to firstly use Christine’s experience and her excellence as a leader to visit the  Casa where John of God serves Humanity in the highest Healing modality that I have ever experienced.
My new life has begun at the age of 56 and I look so forward to the full extent of my Healing journey unfolding day by day.
Sincere Thank you Dearest Christine for your dedication to Gods Work”
All my Love Jenny Humphrey  



From Scepticism to Awesome Wonder

Explore and question everything; believe nothing until I have proven it to myself; scepticism is in my DNA !

Spend good money and travel half way around the world, twenty four hours door to door, to be in the presence of thousands of people all dressed in white doing the “Mmmmm Thing” and hoping for miracle healings. You must be crazy … this kind if stuff is not for me.

I’m a practical entrepreneurial business consultant and personal development teacher who has been helping many of the world’s top business owners make millions with a mix of Quantum, Meta physics and sound business uncommon sense. This airy fairy miracle stuff is not for me; all the research I have done showed that even if something strange happens it never lasts, because the mind-set that was at the root of the problem is never addressed. People want change but they don’t want to change!

Let’s start at the beginning; I agreed to go visit John of God at The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil because Christine is my wife and having spent months there before she maintained that it was for real and that I would definitely benefit from the enlightening experience.

The orientation talk the day after we arrived was interesting, Diego the guy doing the presentation made sense and seemed to be sincere; he also used examples of things I know to be true. What I liked was the practical reality that we need to accept responsibility for doing fifty per cent of the work if we want to heal and that the spirit doctors (called entities at the Casa)  would not under any circumstances interfere with our free will.

Day one: I thought I was in a bad day at home affairs, but with a difference… the thronging mass of thousands of people all with good manners, happy and patient.  The Casa de Dom Inacio was alive with an energy that I had not experienced anywhere before. What looked like absolute chaos mostly happening in Portuguese is a perfectly orchestrated system; and at the end of the day everyone, including me had been seen (by one man) and given some task to prepare themselves for what needed to happen next.  I was sent for Crystal Light Therapy. Not strange to me, Christine is one of the few people in South Africa who has received permission to extend the Casa’s service and has one of the Crystal Light beds.

Day two:  While hundreds of dedicated people sat for hours in a deep state of meditation creating a current of energy to support the process, I had my first spiritual intervention (psychic surgery).  I could feel something/someone working inside my heart and vascular system but there was no pain. Afterwards I was told to take a taxi back to the pousada, our home for the month. Take a Taxi, come on get real, it’s only eight hundred meters. Well I hardly made it to the taxi rank inside the grounds of the Casa, and was flat on my back for twenty four hours. Something inexplicable happened! And I had two days of introspection while my miraculously operated on body recovered.

To cut a very profound experience short I volunteered for two more (surgeries) Spiritual interventions, requesting work on my physical body as well as my business skills. The results: inexplicable things are still happening over a month later.  I can’t begin to express my gratitude to medium Joao (Affectionately known as John of God) This humble man who has devoted his life (since the age of eight) to allowing himself to be used as an instrument of healing by the spirit doctors to help humanity.

Physical Surgery: During the month I also witnessed various physical surgeries that defy all logical explanation. The one that most impressed me was an almost blind man being helped on the stage examined by a visiting Canadian ophthalmic surgeon who declared that he had advanced Cataracts. John of God placed his hands over his eyes for a minute then blew into his eyes and asked him to take a walk to the end of the hall and back unaccompanied. Which he did, when he got back the ophthalmic surgeon re-examined  his eyes and said that she had no explanation but the cataracts were gone.

The transformation from scepticism to awesome wonder was a natural process of evolution from knowing about to being.  Yes I am a believer; Christine was right, as usual!  I was experiencing what I had been teaching for years from a higher perspective.  I owe a great thanks to all the people, known and unknown, who helped to make the ‘John of God’ experience truly profound.

On a more personal side: The way Christine worked with the seven of us who accompanied her to Brazil was amazing and even more incredible was the fact that she still found time to help strangers who were overwhelmed by all the protocols and in need of assistance even during the time set aside for working on herself.  It was a privilege to accompany you on such an amazing journey which once again expanded my consciousness beyond what my little mind could conceive.  The spiritual healing I have received keeps unfolding daily and I yet do not have words to express. The month went by very quickly; there is much to learn I will accompany you again in November!

David Pickard Wyllie