TAG-Reiki Institute


An Adventure in Higher Learning and Mastery

“Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want. That is when a human being transforms into a spiritual possibility”



The  quest for mastery consists of four residential workshops linked by assignments, individual coaching to support your process and field training. The combination of TAG Consciousness (the study and use of natural law) and Reiki (the channelling of Universal Life Force Energy) is specially designed for those striving to live successfully in harmony with the higher principles of truths.  Reiki, is a highly effective complementary energy healing modality which takes you on an an uplifting and inspirational journey of self-discovery.

“If you would be a real seeker of truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”  – Rene Descartes

The addition of the TAG (Think – Act – Grow) principles working in synergy with the natural laws of our universe creates a powerful vessel for the conscious and focused use of the limitless energies at our disposal to create an abundant, soulful life.

The aim of the year is for the students to develop a deeper connection and relationship with themselves and the entire universe and gain mastery over the use of their innate latent abilities to channel the universal energy through a profound understanding of who they are and how their life fit in the universe.

The four residential workshops will provide time for reflection and healthy sustenance on all levels, body, mind, emotional and spiritual. And equip us with practical tools to engage life with greater wisdom so we can surrender to the deeper flow within us and the unbounded fabric of existence.

Attending this program will bring:

  • A deeper understanding of your own body’s energies,  natural healing concepts  and the practical application of the law of cause and effect.
  • The ability to decode the principles that runs our physiology as the complete manual for a prosperous and meaningful life.
  • A tool box to lead an insightful life in harmony with the higher laws of spiritual guidance.
  • The practical skill to apply your inner wisdom to heal every aspect of our life.  Physical, mental, emotional, business, financial, relationships etc…
  • The fine-tuning of your intuitive abilities, remote investigations, extrasensory perceptions, telepathy, seeing auras, dowsing etc…
  • A simple and safe practice that provides a powerful method to release stress, suffering and promote health and well-being.
  • Reiki Master training in the Usui Tibetan Lineage following the curriculum set out by the International Centre for Reiki Training
  • An opportunity to acknowledge the strengths and love that have got you through and brought you joy, so you may move forward with wisdom and knowing.


“Healing is the transformation from an undesirable circumstance to a consciously chosen desirable condition.”


Facilitators: Christine Wyllie  Reiki Master Teacher  www.touchthesoul.org

                          David Pickard Wyllie Master Alchemist TAG Instructor: 


Space limited to 8 students; the training is intensive and thorough; all workshops are a combination of lectures, discussions, meditations, demonstrations and hands on practice. All techniques are explained, demonstrated and practiced so that each student becomes confident in their use.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy; this is physics.”   –Albert Einstein


“A wonder course, well presented and full of information, it was a marvelous and amazing experience, TAG Reiki is much more than laying of hands, like tapping into the unknown, it takes you into another dimension, it needs to be experienced. Thank you both for sharing your wisdom, your home and your love.”  ~ P.C.

Dear Christine,
You embody Reiki’s simplicity, and your teaching comes from such an unlimited perspective of our possibilities, it was a deeply freeing experience. Your ability to see the humour in life and answer my questions with profound clarity, compassion, and generosity. What a gift!

You and Dave are extraordinary teachers, I gained a new empowering perspective on life and the magical being that I am. Thank you for the profound gift of Reiki, Thank you both for your loving guidance.” ~L.H.



The Growthpoint Training Centre, built on a bed of quartz crystal, is situated on the bank of the Crocodile River in the Rhenosterspruit Nature reserve. 

The natural energy vortexes on the property add another dimension to this tranquil haven where bird life abounds in the midst of giant trees; making it a natural healing sanctuary.  

The quartz Labyrinth modeled after Chartres Cathedral contributes a perfect tool for reflection, integration and focused creation. 

For more information and an interview / application form contact: Christine@touchthesoul.org 

“Death is the ultimate healer! We must allow our beliefs about who we think we are to die if we are to realise our Divine purpose on the earth.”