Healing Journeys to the Casa de Dom Inacio – Brazil

Next tour dates 15 to 28 March 2020

The Highlight of our November Journey

Make an Extraordinary Leap in Consciousness.

Join me on a Profound Life Transforming Journey



You are invited to participate in a profound life transforming  journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadinia, Brazil. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a questioning skeptic, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the profound  healing facilitated by the spirit doctors  / beings of light / affectionately called Entities. 

Are you seeking a profound healing for body, mind and spirit?

Do you long for greater insight about who you are and why you are here?

Are you ready to deepen and expand your Spiritual gifts?

  A visit to the Casa brings us an opportunity to evolve spiritually, heal deeply and reconnect with our true self.

Casa de Dom Inacio
Journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio (the Casa)

The Casa de Dom Inacio is built on a vortex of magnetic energy, the healing sanctuary built  on a base of quartz crystals is a portal for higher consciousness, unconditional love, and high vibrational healing energy; a journey to the Casa has the power to permanently alter your relationship to life and facilitate access to your own miracle within. 

The powerful healing work of the Entities of Light continues at the Casa with God’s grace and love. People are coming together from all over the world, sitting in Current to meditate, cherishing this tranquil space. Incredible deep healing, spontaneous spiritual interventions, luminous transformations and insights  have been reported in recent weeks at the Casa.

Miracles do happen at the Casa; the healing forces there are momentous, and the energy of Spirit or Source is palpable. The journey to the Casa is a journey of faith and it is life changing. The veil between realms is thin, the unexplained happens daily and in plain sight, and most experiences are beyond words.

There are many subtleties involved in participating in the healing process, it is both an honour and a privilege to accompany you and be your caregiver attending to your needs on this sacred journey, so you can immerse yourself in the powerful energy and focus on your healing. Joining me means that all arrangements and guidance for your trip within Brazil is catered for with your peace of mind at heart.   I am a Reiki Master Teacher, TAG Life Coach.  I have been a regular visitor to the Casa since 2008 , my life was transformed by my visits to the Casa, immersed in unconditional love, the profound healing I experienced brought about wholeness and peace; defining a sacred space for my true self to blossom in a world where miracles abound. 

Spending time  at the Casa and experiencing the work of  the entities of light creates a wonderful opportunity to remember our true self and realign with our divine essence so we can live the highest version of who we are.  When Spirit calls only You can say YES!   If you feel ready to receive loving assistance and support to engage in your own personal healing and experience your own miracles.   Get in touch  for more information and a booking form.  Your visit to the Casa will give you an opportunity to Immerse yourself in the high vibrational frequency of this spiritual sanctuary and re-connect with the sacred within



 About John of God

 “For those who believe, no words are necessary
For those who do not believe no words are possible”

– Dom Inacio de Loyola  

João Teixeira de Faria affectionately known as John of God founded the Casa de Dom Inacio the spiritual centre where people from all walks of life come from all over the world to receive healing for free.  It is estimated that over 15 million people have received healing over the past 67 years. Scientific study and documentation of the results of the entity’s work place the cure rate at a remarkable 85%.  For some, the effect is immediate, for others healing unfolds over time and for others, additional visits are required. 

John of God openly welcomes doctors, healers, researchers, journalists and others to examine and learn from his work. He frequently invites healing professionals to observe at close range or assist him as he performs “medically impossible” physical surgeries without anaesthesia or pain. He feels it is important for medicine and science to begin to understand and embrace the healing aspects of Spirit and energy and the benefits of faith. 

John of God has no formal training, he offers his service as a channel for the spirit doctors to work through him, and he remains a humble man maintaining the following: 

“I do not cure anybody. 
God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. 
I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.”

– João Teixeira de Faria

This dedicated humble man has spent over 60 years healing thousands of people every week. He has helped countless people achieve remarkable miraculous healing of cancer, AIDS, paraplegia, blindness and many other serious or seemingly “incurable” illnesses. Although he does not accept any credit for the healing Insisting that the work of the entities will carry on long after he is gone as he is only the channel for one entity at a time and there are hundreds of entities working at the Casa.  

Recent events unfortunately prevent medium Joao to be at the Casa at this time; The work carries on at the Casa even when John of God is absent, Those who have attended sessions at the Casa during his absence report that that the energy is just as powerful;  The Miracles, The Energies and The Spiritual Interventions that visitors keep experiencing during those times have been profound. There are many other mediums that volunteer at the Casa to support the work;  it is possibly  the most potent healing energy currently available on the planet.  

  Wayne Dyer talks to Oprah about his healing experience with John of God.  

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Recent Development in the case of John of God  

Update of John of God and related Cases  by Josie Ravenwing

On 7 November 2019 Medium Joao was sentenced to 4 years in prison for possession of unlicensed firearm.